Video Series – Multiply

What do the deserts of North Africa, the islands of Southeast Asia, the urban cityscape of New York City, and the mountains of Central Asia have in common? They are all home to the world’s most unreached Muslim people groups. Watch Multiply, a four-episode series about the diversity of the Muslim world and how God is moving to make Himself known there.


Multiply: New York City

New York, the most populous and diverse city in the US, is home to nearly 1 million Muslims—most of whom are immigrants from unreached parts of the world. Whether there for education, work or political asylum, Muslims are often open to spiritual conversations. Find out how a team in New York is reaching out in friendship to Muslim seekers with the Good News of Jesus—and explore how you can get involved.


Multiply: Indonesia

In this episode of Multiply, visit a city in Indonesia where small groups of Muslim seekers and new believers are gathering to study the Bible, pray and then put their faith in action. In the face of persecution, spiritual warfare and poverty, Jesus is building His church in Indonesia. Find out how you can get involved.


Multiply: Chad

Imagine a city the size of Des Moines, Iowa, with no church. In this episode of Multiply, journey to eastern Chad, where a Pioneers team is working to start a church-planting movement among an unreached people group with a population of 200,000 and no known believers. Through medical care and clean water, this team is building relationships and using chronological Bible studies to introduce spiritually hungry Chadians to the good news.


Multiply: Pakistan

To a Western eye, it’s easy to see Pakistan in stereotypes. But in this episode of Multiply, one Pioneer witnesses up close the complexity, wonder, beauty and devastation found in Pakistan. And now Pioneers are challenging the Chinese church to take good news across the border into Pakistan. By mobilizing and resourcing these brothers and sisters in Christ, we empower them to be ambassadors for Jesus. And perhaps God has reserved this honor of taking the gospel to the people of Pakistan especially for them.

Stories from the pursuit

Seeking God on the Edge of the Sahara

“There is no easy way for people to follow Jesus here.” Pray for more to seek God, and for those already seeking God to not lose heart.

Opportunity: Learn about Muslims and Islam

Is God calling you to serve in the Muslim world or among Muslims close to home? Go prepared.

Explore Serving with Pioneers

You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just take the next step to explore God’s leading. Come to Orlando for a week so we can get to know each other.