Global Glimpses

Got Five Minutes?

Through the Global Glimpse, Pioneers worldwide share—in their own words—some of what they’ve seen in life and ministry. Take a look. Or rather, a listen. Each clip is less than five minutes long.

Church Planting in Central Asia

In our first Global Glimpse, Pioneers working in Central Asia talk about their participation in a partnership effort to initiate a church-planting movement among the unreached people groups of the region. And they did it while raising their family there. They have a desire to see new missionaries come to their region in order to pioneer movements of people to Christ among the unreached groups of Siberia.

The Last Frontier of Global Missions

In this Global Glimpse, we will hear from two missionaries, a husband and wife living in the Middle East. After more than thirty years on the field, they’re still excited about advancing the kingdom of God in the Muslim world, which they consider the last frontier of global missions.

Central Asian Hospitality

In this Global Glimpse, a Pioneer working in Central Asia talks about how her practical skills give her access to the country and the people. But more than that, these skills allow her to help in tangible ways and build trusting relationships, so much so that the people bless her in return with their generous hospitality.

Shifting Focus in West Africa

A father and son who work as Pioneers in West Africa have learned how to present themselves to the locals in a different way in order to be recognized as spiritual people instead of humanitarian aid workers.

Suffering for the Sake of the Gospel

In this Global Glimpse, we hear from a husband and wife serving on a multi-cultural team in South Asia. They share how suffering and dying to self are part of how God is using them and local believers to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Christianity Beyond Culture in Croatia

In this Global Glimpse, a Pioneer working in Croatia tells about the spiritual climate in the Balkans and how people have begun to accept Christianity as something more than a cultural identity.

HIV In India

In this Global Glimpse, we hear from a Pioneers couple working in India to help women and children who are afflicted with or affected by HIV. Through the love shown by the Body of Christ, lives are being transformed.

Everyday Life in France

In this global glimpse, we hear from a husband and wife who have been serving in France for a decade. They seek to build relationships through everyday activities and then find opportunities to share the good news about Jesus.

Sharpening Focus in East Africa

In this global glimpse, a Pioneer working in East Africa discusses ministry focus and long-term goals for church leadership within unreached people groups. He desires church-planting movements to take hold throughout the region.

Noticing the People in Central Asia

In this Global Glimpse, we meet a Pioneers couple working in Central Asia. Their goal is to notice and love the people in their community, regardless of education, status, or age. And they share what life is like for those Muslims who choose to follow Jesus.

Stories from the pursuit

North Africa & the Global Youth Culture

Living among students raised in a land steeped in tradition, Carrie sees a hunger for change and prays for fresh opportunities to share hope in Jesus.

Pilot Lives His Dream—Working among the Unreached

Taking your professional career overseas doesn’t necessarily make things faster and easier, but it can bring opportunities you might not have otherwise.

The Early Church in North Africa

Christians often associate the early Church with regions like Greece or Rome. The book of Acts, however, sheds light on another region radically influenced by early Christianity: North Africa.