Photo Essay – European Refugee Crisis

Responding to Huge Needs

Pioneers in Europe are responding to the refugee crisis as travelers from Syria and Iraq make their way to Western Europe. These victims of war live daily in hopes of finding a new place to make a home for their families. And Pioneers on the ground help meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs as they are in transit.

Men at a bus station in Budapest This train station in Budapest, Hungary, became a temporary refugee camp for Syrians, Iraqis and others trying to travel to Western Europe.

Refugees get some rest in transit through Budapest People sleep on the ground inside the tents.

Refugees wait to board a bus Some wait to board a bus.

refugees wait in line Refugee life involves a lot of waiting.

Hungarians tell refugees, welcome to Budapest Hungarians use a chalk wall to write notes welcoming the refugees, while the refugees write their names to mark their presence in Budapest.

Chalk wall with messages encouraging refugees Another chalk wall is marked with instructions in Arabic for travel along with messages of solidarity from people of other Arab nations.

Volunteers serve refugees Volunteers from aid organizations and missionary agencies help distribute food to refugees while they are in transit.

A Pioneer passes out hot coffee One Pioneer passes out hot coffee.

handing out hygiene items for refugees Distributing hygiene kits.

A man rests at a Budapest bus station People take space where they can get it to rest and sleep. The media, meanwhile, take photos and videos to publicize the crisis and stir people to help.

smiling refugees have tickets to continue Happy travelers with newly acquired tickets to keep traveling.

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