A Time to Shout

Bible Study for Skaters

A Pioneers worker (who also happens to be a pro-level skater) invited a group of unreached skaters into his home to read the Bible for the first time.

Rather than lead the lesson as he wanted to do, the worker let the young men find out for themselves what the text said about God’s character, trusting that God would make Himself known without his help. Later, he witnessed the group retell the story of creation to a newcomer with incredible depth of understanding and insight. While their enthusiasm was encouraging, progress was slow, and he had yet to see the kind of life-transformation he was praying for. Still the study continued.

Later on a walk around his neighborhood he passed a tea shop and heard someone shouting his name. It was the owner of the tea shop, a Catholic woman who had befriended the skaters. She was running towards him. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO THOSE SKATERS,” she yelled, “ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY’VE BECOME SO INTERESTED IN GOD.”

Stunned by her volume as much as her words, he tried to explain that it was God’s doing, not his, but she didn’t seem to hear. “THE SKATERS WHO GO TO YOUR HOUSE ON SUNDAYS, ALL THEY DO IS TALK ABOUT GOD NOW. THEY ALWAYS ASK ME TO READ OUR BIBLE, BUT WE ONLY HAVE ONE, CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE US MORE?” Still fighting the shock of what he was hearing (and how he was hearing it), he assured her he would bring her more Bibles. She continued, “THE SKATERS LOVE THE SUNDAY MEETINGS. THEY LOVE HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO READ THE BIBLE.” Then finally, shouting louder than she ever had, “THEY’VE ALL SUDDENLY CHANGED.”

Sometimes we get to witness God’s power firsthand, sometimes we only hear whispering of it, and sometimes a tea shop owner shouts it in our ear on the gospel-hungry streets of Asia. Whatever we are hearing, let us take heart and raise a shout of our own, for these sons of His were lost and are being found, they were dead and are coming alive. And that is something to shout about.

Take Action

Watch the video Done & Dusted to learn more about this ministry to skaters in Southeast Asia.

What kinds of specialized skills do you have that could be used to share Christ?

Use the chat function to contact us if you’d like to talk to someone about how you might fit on a team working among a people group that has little access to the Good News.

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