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Opportunities for Educators

From the time you were a child, you wanted to be a teacher. A coach, administrator, librarian, or guidance counselor came alongside you when you needed them most. They gave you a vision of what is possible. When your eyes were opened to the nations, you started to wonder: how do my education and my calling to bring education to others fit in with God’s global purposes?

It’s true you could use those skills close to home. But what about taking that career and putting it to work in a hard-to-reach place where the gospel is little known?

  • A team in the horn of Africa has opportunities for cross-cultural workers who can teach computers, basic business skills and community health classes.
  • Pioneers in Mexico teaches adult literacy classes to help people in a region with 98% illiteracy  find jobs and support their families.
  • Teachers in Southeast Asia help provide theological training in a Bible institute and several are connected to various faculties in universities around the world.
  • Not all opportunities are in far-flung locations.  Some Pioneers serve in a Christian school on a Native American reservation.

What about taking that career and putting it to work in a hard-to-reach place where the gospel is little known?

Mackenzie, a Pioneer from America, just joined a team in England – to teach English. We might have a good laugh about that were it not that, like so many countries today, England has become home to a great many non-native English speakers from countries like Iran, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Mackenzie’s first student is a local Persian woman. We’re praying that she and her team will be used by God to help reach and teach many more women like this one, contributing to the wider goal of church planting among the unreached in their community.

Opportunities vary from working with teens and adults to serving in elementary schools or with children even younger. A couple in Japan have helped their church launch an English-based preschool. At this writing, they are seeking to fill several crucial paid positions. “If you or someone you know is interested in using their native English to win Japanese for Christ, please contact us,” they urge.

Whether you are a professional educator or just have a knack and willingness to be God’s hands and feet in an educational setting, there’s a place for you to serve for a summer, an internship, up to a year, or long-term. You may also find a fit in an international school or stepping in for busy parents to help homeschool missionary kids, meeting a key need for church-planting teams around the world.

Want to talk to someone about how your passion for education could meet up with your passion for the nations? Get in touch with one of our mission mentors today using the chat feature.

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