Opportunity: Learn about Muslims and Islam

Go prepared!

Think God is calling you to serve in the Muslim world or among Muslims close to home? Need training? Pioneers is happy to provide several training programs for you. Each is designed to help thoughtful Christians learn about Islam and God’s heart for Muslims as well as how to share your faith with those who hold Muslim worldviews.

Summer Institute on Islam

The Summer Institute on Islam provides a solid foundation for understanding a Muslim’s worldview, theology and culture from within their own frame of reference. This one-week intensive course will help you develop a relational approach so you can share your faith with Muslims in ways that make sense to them. Experienced instructors offer the class most summers. You can also get undergraduate or graduate credit for attending.

Download a brochure about the Summer Institute on Islam.

Update: We had to cancel this event, but contact us or watch this space for the next course.

Encountering the World of Islam

Most Muslims do not have any Christian friends. But wouldn’t we have a better world if a Muslim saw Christ in you? Encountering the World of Islam is a 12-week course you can take at a local church, with a group of friends or with a mentor online. The course empowers believers to build relationships with members of the Muslim community. Leave the class with a working knowledge of the Islamic faith and how to get involved in reaching out to Muslims, as well as how to respectfully explain your faith.

Learn more about Encountering the World of Islam.

The Lilias Trotter Center

The Lilias Trotter Center offers undergraduate and graduate-level interdisciplinary courses to help you learn about Islam and Muslim ministry. The faculty, seasoned practitioners and scholars, teach courses designed to equip you for informed, fruitful, and enduring ministry. Interested? If so, you can take classes online or in various locations worldwide.

Learn more about the Lilias Trotter Center.

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