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Trying to Find Home: Reaching Out to Those Who Are Scattered

God uses the scattering of people. From the Tower of Babel when He confused their language, to the exile of the Israelites from Egypt, God worked out His purposes. He subdued a disobedient people, fulfilled a promise and revealed Himself to the Gentiles. And in this age, diaspora—the forced or voluntary migration of large groups of people—brings opportunities for God’s people to respond to Jesus’ last commandment about making disciples of nations. So, for many, making disciples will include diaspora ministry.

The UNHCR reports some 70 million people worldwide are displaced. They come from war-torn countries like Syria, South Sudan, Afghanistan and others. More than any other time on record. Ten million of them, like the Rohingya, are stateless and have no rights. And they cannot work, get an education, vote or apply for an identification card even in their country of birth.

Pioneers are using this opportunity to meet the practical and spiritual needs of people who are on the move because of forces beyond their control. Some Pioneers have planted themselves in places where refugees and immigrants settle.

Pioneers Serving in Immigrant Ministry

  • Jon and Candice and their teammate Allie serve a refugee community in the US by teaching English and reaching out to international students at the university.
  • Stan and Janice own a business in an Arab settlement in the US. They make friends with local mosque leaders and equip the local church to share the gospel with their Arab neighbors.
  • Anthony and Shawna live among people displaced from their homeland. They meet people in their desperation with practical help and offer the hope of  Christ.
  • Jamie and John work with victims of war. In partnership with Arab Christians, they help meet the needs of Syrian refugees through art therapy and counseling, as well as sharing the Good News that God hasn’t forsaken them.

Whitney’s immigrant ministry in Europe

Like many others, Whitney works in a European city teaching English to immigrants and refugees. She gets to share stories about her own life and faith. And she finds that people are often interested. They want to read the Bible and know more about Jesus.

On a recent visit to an Iranian friend’s house, her friend whispered, “Did you bring it?” Her friend referred to the Bible. And shortly after, Whitney was able to present her friend with her very own copy of the Bible in Farsi. (Read more of Whitney’s story.)

Would you like to be a welcomer who offers practical help and words of life to immigrants and refugees?

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