An Imam and His Bible

How Abdul Met Jesus Online

Since his youth, Abdul wanted to be an imam. That was because he longed to know God intimately. He was convinced that as an Islamic leader, he would feel close to God. But much to his disappointment, being an imam left him feeling far from God.

So even though he was a Muslim leader, Abdul began looking for God outside Islam…online. He found a Pioneers outreach website, downloaded a Bible and began watching videos about Jesus. The Lord also brought a local believer into his life to help him understand what he was reading and watching.

Online Ministry and Face-to-Face Ministry Work Together

In time, Abdul gave his life to Jesus. He connected with a local church who discipled him and even began training him to become a pastor. Now he says, “I want to care for God’s people and spread His gospel everywhere. I don’t care what it costs me.”

Abdul says, “I want to care for God’s people and spread His gospel everywhere. I don’t care what it costs me.”

Abdul’s own story fuels his desire to share Christ in unreached areas. And there are more like him. When we send missionaries to places like Abdul’s community, we witness the power of the Holy Spirit again and again. God has sent dreams and visions, led seekers to online media and connected them with those who can explain what they learn. Then they share it with others. More people are hearing the good news and becoming leaders who continue making disciples of the nations.

But Isn’t the Bible Free Online?

Christians serving in many places rely on online media outreach like the efforts that first reached Abdul. Though the Bible and other Christian materials have long been available in Arabic online, many are not aware of them or need help finding a safe way to access them. The same social media marketing efforts that help you and me find things we need or want are being used to help Muslims (and others) who are receptive to the gospel to learn about Jesus, find materials to help them grow and, in what turns out to be a crucial piece, connect them with other believers who can disciple them in person. This team effort that rests on the support of partners who value this kind of ministry. Everyone is needed.

So, yes, downloadable Bibles are free. But it costs money to use the various online marketing resources that promote the Bible to digital seekers and connect them to people who can help disciple them in their journeys.

Will you pray for our ministry in the Muslim world, and consider what part God might have you play?

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