New Podcast Reveals Bishara’s Unexpected Journey

You won’t want to miss our new podcast!

It’s been more than a year since we started work on a new podcast. We’re so excited to finally launch it! A new episode will drop each Monday from September 13 to November 1. Will you take a listen and share this with people you think would appreciate it?

About the Podcast

The Maverick Podcast explores the unexpected journeys of spiritual seekers as they buck cultural norms and religious expectations to follow Jesus.

Our first season follows the story of Bishara, a young Muslim man from Central Africa who had everything going for him until a chance encounter dramatically changed the course of his life. From strange dreams and guns that misfire to imprisonments and miraculous healings, Bishara’s story may sound too wild to be true.

To get to the bottom of it all, host Sarah Lewis talks to those close to him—and experts around the world—to find out what would make a man like Bishara risk it all in pursuit of truth.

Episode 1: A New Sound in Africa

In an undisclosed city in Central Africa, Islam has been the prevailing worldview for centuries. Bishara, a young rich kid with a promising future, finds himself risking everything to become a follower of Jesus. Length: 18 minutes.

Listen to the podcast.

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