Media Outreach – 2021 Report

We’re giving God glory for all He has done through Pioneers Media Outreach—and partners like you—in just one year’s time. Read about the impact!


Can You Imagine?

Over the last decade, Pioneers missionaries have used digital media (like Facebook) for outreach in the Arab world. Because of your generosity, missionary teams across the globe are now developing similar media strategies with great success.

Nepal is one area being transformed by Pioneers Media Outreach. Led by Nepali believers, our team is witnessing an average of one new Hindu-background believer coming to faith each day!

Gaurav is one of those new believers. Gaurav’s son had been sick for a long time. In this discouraging season, Gaurav saw one of our Facebook campaigns and connected with us. Our responder called him, shared about Jesus and prayed for his son. Praise God, Gaurav’s son miraculously improved!

Can you imagine if every Pioneers missionary had daily access to contacts like Gaurav? This is why we are grateful for partners like you, who are reaching places like Nepal, Bosnia and Indonesia.

God at Work

Between June 2020 and June 2021:


  • More than 20.7 million people across the globe were engaged through Facebook and outreach websites.
  • At least 27,600 people were in active contact with our responders, messaging with them online.
  • 4,360 Bibles were downloaded or sent to seekers.
  • Right now, Pioneers is coaching over 100 missionary teams around the world (including teams from partner agencies) to start new media outreach projects.
  • These efforts have led to 264 people coming to faith in Christ!

“I want to study the New Testament because I’ve discovered
that Jesus is the way to eternal salvation.”

– An Indonesian brother

Over $2 million has been raised in the last year!

This means that:

  • Pioneers is well on its way to seeing 25% of its 340 international teams have digital outreach strategies by 2025.
  • One day soon, every unreached people group could have access to the gospel and the chance to connect to a believer.

Freedom in Christ

A couple of days after a Pioneers missionary prayed for Gaurav, he visited our office and shared about the struggles in his family. In addition to his son’s illness, Gaurav’s mother and father were in a bad place. His father was even practicing witchcraft.

Our team used this time to share the gospel with Gaurav. He was broken and confessed all the sin in his life. Then, he accepted Jesus as Lord!

Gaurav immediately felt God’s peace and found freedom. Today, Gaurav is growing in his relationship with the Lord. He is reading the Bible and sharing the Good News with his mother, wife and others in his family. They all are eager to learn more.

Please pray that Gaurav’s family would continue to be open to the gospel and desire to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Go Deeper

Thank you for your partnership!

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