Video – From a Forest Temple

The gospel is getting out to remote villages and distant islands as well as urban centers and online enclaves.

In many parts of the world, following Jesus can be costly. Even asking spiritual questions can bring on serious, negative consequences. And where do you go with your questions? These days, you would probably start with the internet.

That’s why so many ministry teams today are embracing digital strategies that help them connect with people who are seeking God and looking for Him online.

We thought you might appreciate a closer look at a ministry based in the U.S. but with roots in a Himalayan mountain village. Tom, born in South Asia, was expected to follow his grandfather into the Hindu priesthood. But God got hold of him and showed him a new way. Now Tom follows Christ and uses media to share the message of salvation with people like himself, both in his home country and scattered around the world.

Watch “From a Forest Temple: How Media in Missions Has Changed.”

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