Co-Laborers Campaign – 2022 Report

“For we are co-workers in God’s service…” 1 Corinthians 3:9

Generous donors gave sacrificially to train and send missionary co-laborers from the U.S., West Africa, Egypt, Sudan and beyond. Read on to see what God has done through these efforts. You can also download this report as a PDF.

West African woman selling fabrics

Living Water in West Africa

Music, folklore, poetry and proverbs characterize life in West Africa. It’s vibrant and has rhythm. Living can be difficult, though. Resources like clean water can be scarce.

Through the generosity of believers like you, missionaries are going out to engage those who have yet to hear the gospel. One of the teams sent from Pioneers Africa has ministered to their local community by building a well for clean water.

This well has opened doors to engage the Fulani, whose population is only 0.3% Christian. Local believers are now leading Bible studies with Fulani herders who come to their community to use the well. During one Bible study session, the local believers asked, “For what are you thankful to God?” The Fulani responded with an outpouring of gratitude to the one true God for their provision of water.

Because of the goodwill created by the well, our missionaries and local believers also have the opportunity to use an audio recording with the Fulani. This tells the stories of the Bible from creation to Christ in their language.

We praise God for this opportunity among the unreached!

Our brothers and sisters in Africa thank you for your support.

Once a month, the spouses of our African missionaries pray together for new believers and for donors like you whose gifts and support keep their ministry going.

Map of Africa with West Africa highlighted

Mobilization in West Africa

Through the generosity of donors to the 2022 Co-Laborers Campaign and Pioneers Africa:

  • 20 new West African missionaries should be trained this year. Eight already completed training and the rest are scheduled for October 2022.
  • The salaries of 82 veteran missionaries have been increased, addressing critically low levels of support for their families.
  • A growing team in Burkina Faso is hosting oral Bible studies on the local radio station, reaching over half a million people every week.
  • Teams from Pioneers Africa are now receiving training through Pioneers Media Outreach about how to use digital strategies to identify more seekers.
Map of Africa with North Africa highlighted

Mobilization in North Africa

Through the generosity of donors to the 2022 Co-Laborers Campaign and Pioneers Egypt:

  • 25 potential missionary candidates from Egypt and Sudan have been trained and another 25 will start training in September 2022.
  • 13 new Bible study groups have been started in Sudan with more than 30 new believers.
  • Eight new believers have come to faith in Egypt and joined a local home church.

Highlight: Since Pioneers Egypt launched two years ago, 33 house churches have been established in Egypt and North Sudan with 390 members. Some of these churches have even multiplied to a second-generation church-planting initiative!

“My strong desire is to go back to my family and share the gospel with them. I want all of them to be saved like me.”

A new Sudanese brother in Christ
Map of the Eastern Hemisphere with USA highlighted

Mobilization in North America

Through the generosity of donors to the 2022 Co-Laborers Campaign and Pioneers-USA:

  • 72 missionary candidates attended orientation for short-term trips and long-term assignments.
  • 42 missionaries have departed to the field for long-term service.
  • Efforts to engage potential missionaries digitally have grown to include the Relentless Pursuit Podcast.

Challenge: U.S. mobilization is slowly bouncing back from the pandemic. It is more likely that only 150-200 new long-term candidates will be appointed this year instead of the goal of 225.

“What I will remember most about orientation is my appreciation for Pioneers’ core values and for an organization that wants to make sure we are as healthy and equipped as possible before going to the field.”

– U.S. missionary candidate

Donors gave $2,200,000 to this campaign

  • These funds are mobilizing missionaries from West Africa, North Africa and the U.S.
  • This means that new missionaries will be placed among at least 35 unreached people groups!
West African man smiling

Amani’s Story

Born and raised in Sudan, “Amani” experienced a difficult childhood. Amani’s parents had two different faiths, and he was severely mistreated by his father as a child.

Thankfully, God planted a seed of hope in Amani’s heart as he was growing up. Amani had Christians in his life, and he wanted to be like them because they seemed much happier than he was. But he didn’t know how to become a believer.

When Amani moved to Egypt as an adult, his brother, who is a member of Pioneers Egypt, invited him to join a new house church in the city. They began to study the Bible every week, and Amani’s eyes were opened to the truth. He eventually prayed with his brother and came to faith! Now, Amani shares,

“My strong desire is to go back to my family and share the gospel with them. I want all of them to be saved like me.”

Please pray for Amani! It is dangerous for him to be open about his faith. And thank you for giving to make his story possible.

Going Deeper

Thank you for your partnership!

Man in North African bakery shows off bread

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