Video – Non-Traditional Skills in Missions

Watch Our Missions Roundtable Discussion

How can “non-traditional skills” be an asset when taking part in the Great Commission? Do missionaries have talents beyond the obvious? And can someone take part in the Great Commission without leaving home?

Tune into this missions roundtable discussion where we converse about these questions and more.

00:00 Introductions

04:16 Underground church leaders

07:03 Is it unethical to use work as a “cover” for missions?

09:56 Seeing God in the details of daily life

13:08 Finding significance in work that doesn’t feel “special”

17:27 Incorporating family on the field

25:21 God used this woman’s unlikely degree

26:19 Encouragement for people with non-traditional skills

33:01 Wrap-Up

Going Deeper

  • There’s a widely accepted myth in the world of mission that needs to be busted. It is this: that all missionaries are preachers. But as it turns out missionaries do a lot of different things. Read about seven mission jobs you haven’t heard of.
  • Ever felt God tugging at your heart to get out and reach the nations? But what about your career? Explore how you can take your profession to the unreached.

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