When People Search for Jesus

Where Are Those Fields Ready to Harvest?

You may remember this story Jesus told. A farmer went out to plant his seeds. He was lavish, allowing some of the seed to fall on the path or among rocks and thorns or weeds. But where the seed fell on fertile, cultivated soil, it can produce an enormous crop. The seed, Jesus said, is the gospel, and the sower is anyone who proclaims it. But some people are not ready to hear it, embrace it and let it change their lives. You can read the whole thing in Matthew 13.

As Jesus says, whoever has ears, let them hear.

When we share the gospel, we may not know who is ready to hear and respond to it. Or we may think we know but be dead wrong. So let’s be faithful to keep sowing abundantly. But let’s also use the tools we have to find the people looking for answers.

Heidi, a Pioneer in the Middle East, uses her social media accounts to connect with people all across the region who want to know more about Jesus.


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