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Watch Our Missions Roundtable Discussion

In a recent conversation, former field workers shared their perspectives on some of the big questions about missions. Hear them talk about memorable encounters, radical self-care, what success really looks like and what they would say to someone considering missions.

Joining the group this time are two special guests. Ted Esler is the President of the leading mission network Missio Nexus. Mark Syn is the International Director of Pioneers. We loved having them.

The whole video is about 55 minutes long but it’s divided into short chapters. See below.

00:00 What is a missionary?

07:37 On-the-field experiences

15:58 Meaningful encounters with locals

20:12 Spiritual and mental health on the field

28:35 Tracking spiritual victories—helpful or wrong?

38:11 Missionaries were the first “influencers”

49:12 Are you thinking about doing missions?

Going Deeper

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