How You Can Be Part of Earthquake Relief

On February 6, 2023, a terrible earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. It was the largest earthquake the region had experienced in decades. Tens of thousands of casualties have been confirmed and those numbers are still rising. Many others were injured or lost their homes and livelihoods.

The stories we are hearing would break your heart, and the crisis is likely to continue for many months.

Ways to Pray

  • Pray for the many survivors as they grieve the loss of loved ones. In addition, many survivors and relief workers may be traumatized by what they have experienced or witnessed.
  • Seek God on behalf of the millions displaced by these earthquakes. In Turkey alone, 13.5 million people, 15% of the population, live within the earthquake zone. Many will be taken in by family members, but others will struggle to find shelter and other necessities this winter.
  • Lift up believers and churches in this region. They are few and far between. But we know of at least one local pastor who has died, and we have connections to at least one other church that had its building destroyed.
  • Ask the Lord to draw many to Himself. In the aftermath of this tragedy, may many come to know Him and experience His loving presence.

Give to Earthquake Relief

Pioneers has numerous connections and partners in and around the area that was impacted. We also have a standing emergency fund to respond to such disasters. We are identifying the best ways that you can join us and our local partners to provide loving care and hope to those who are mourning and suffering. Teams are raising money for coats and blankets. Others have established partnerships with local churches preparing relief work.

Will you help us resource them to respond as rapidly as possible?

Give Now

Image: Rescue work at the destroyed Galeria Business Center in Diyarbakır. One of the buildings in the background later collapsed following an aftershock. Mahmut Bozarslan (Voice of America).

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