Pioneers Media Outreach: A Digital Update

A Muslim man from the Middle East connected with one of our online digital responders.

Amin, a Muslim man

“My name is Amin,” he wrote. “I am writing to you to learn more about the Bible and the Christian faith in general. I have already read quite a few of the books of both the Old and New Testaments, and I am impressed with the content. It is very interesting, particularly the New Testament and the book of Genesis. Now, I am not sure what my next step should be. I want to dig deeper into the study of Christianity and to better understand the Bible.” 

He went on to share, “I find myself in constant conflict between my Islamic faith and the Christian faith. When I have questions about Islam, I search for answers, but I have not found any explanations that reassure me and resolve the anxiety in my spirit. Nearly every day, I am shocked and distressed by something new.”

Amin couldn’t stop thinking about the disturbing things he saw in the traditions with which he had been raised, even though he had accepted them before.

“On the other hand, I have found in the Bible great consolation from God and verses about love and mercy. I have read how the disciples of the Lord Jesus should travel among the nations to preach His word to all people. I was intensely affected by the Sermon on the Mount (which I believe is considered the ethical foundation of Christianity) and the miracles of Christ, which are recognized by the Qur’an. So, I feel compelled to learn more.”

This year, more than three times as many people have exchanged messages with our digital responders in response to social media content.

Media Metrics

We are thankful the Lord is preparing the hearts of more people for the gospel. When digital strategies are fit to the right context, media outreach can lead missionaries to meet with twice as many spiritually open people as they might otherwise in a year—and sometimes ten times as many.   

More than $545,471 has been given to this campaign so far.

In the last six months, this has led to…

  • 7.1 million people interacting with our social media content. Of those, 40,505 people messaged with our responders: 3.5 times as many as last year!
  • 2,223 people meeting face-to-face with our responders.
  • 20,823 Bibles distributed 
  • 2,194 people professing faith in Christ
  • 76 active groups studying the Bible

“Today is my new birthday. I was baptized today! Thank you very much. You are the one who took my hands to this path—to the real light, and with your help, I found salvation and know Jesus as my Savior. God bless you.” – A new believer in the Middle East

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