Earthquake Relief: An Update

Thanks to all who prayed and gave to support Pioneers in earthquake relief!

See our previous post, How You Can Be Part of Earthquake Relief. Here’s an update.

In February 2023, a terrible earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. It was the largest earthquake to hit the region in decades and one of the strongest to ever hit the region. More than 10,000 aftershocks followed in the next few weeks. The death toll reached nearly 60,000 people and, of course, many more were injured or lost their homes and livelihoods.

Providing Practical Help

Our partners in the region were quick to respond. The local church has truly acted as the hands and feet of Jesus, even as they grieved and suffered their own losses. Many came together to meet needs and show love to others affected by the earthquake.

  • Some offered their church buildings to shelter the displaced. A church-based hub allowed aid workers and volunteers to provide transportation, distribute supplies and coordinate the construction of hundreds of shelters.
  • Believers worked together to install more than 200 water filtration systems. They also helped a local church start a soup kitchen.
  • Our partners made it possible for one local fellowship to house 21 people. They provided meals, clothing and helped them find employment opportunities.

Offering Love and Support

One young lady found work helping a missionary family with housework, childcare and language lessons. They report, “She commented multiple times on how different the church and our friends have treated them, and how overwhelmed her whole family has been by the love and support. She has felt the tangible hands and feet of Jesus and has been open to spiritual conversations because of it.”

Generous donors made it possible to serve more than 4,500 individuals.

A huge thanks to all who prayed and gave to support this effort. Your kindness and generosity opened doors for the Turkish church to share the gospel.

Tents for earthquake victims

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