Pioneers Media Outreach: A Digital Update

A young man from North Africa was hungry… he wanted to know God more.

Amin, a Muslim man

Elias grew up in a devout Muslim family in North Africa. He loved Islam and was hungry to know more. But when he went to his father and a leader at the mosque with his questions about spiritual things, no one had answers that satisfied him. Eventually, Elias came to the point he couldn’t believe in Islam anymore.

So, he began searching for answers online. And that’s how he found us, and more importantly, came to faith in Jesus.

“When I accepted Jesus Christ, 100% of my life was changed,” he says. And since then, Elias has been able to help many more people take steps of faith and fall in love with Jesus. In fact, he joined the Pioneers team as a digital responder.

“I believe there are many, many people like me,” says Elias. “They are searching, and they want to know God, and they’re online.” 

This year, more than three times as many people have exchanged messages with our digital responders in response to social media content.

Pioneers’ vision is that no people group remains unreached.

Our commitment is to relentlessly pursue God’s promise in Revelation 7:9, a picture of “a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…”

With your support, we are on track to see $2,340,000 raised this fiscal year!

As a result, since October…

  • 24,755 Bibles have been distributed.
  • 3,071 people have professed faith in Christ.
  • 115 Bible study groups began.

Growth and New Initiatives

We praise God that 17 new Pioneers Media Outreach initiatives began this year. In addition, you helped us coach 69 newly launched teams toward maturity in digital media outreach. Three training summits, for more than 100 digital outreach leaders, were held in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Your partnership is creating movements of faith among the unreached. We praise God for the fruit that has come because of our labor together. Please continue to pray with us for the many new believers across the world.  

“We are getting more and more people communicating with us, and many are asking genuine questions. Let us thank God for this great opportunity and pray for wisdom, grace and commitment to continue serving the Lord,” says one leader.

Going Deeper

Thank you for your heart for the unreached!

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