Missionary Mobilization: A Digital Update

“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ Then I said, ‘Here I am! Send me…’” – Isaiah 6:8

Through our 2023 Send Me Campaign, generous donors have given sacrificially to help Pioneers recruit, train and send out missionaries from East Asia, Africa, North America, the Middle East and beyond. Let’s celebrate what God has done through these efforts!

Elderly East Asian couple

Mobilization in East Asia

An East Asian family owns a coffee shop and a Christian printing business. While they had always had an interest in missions, they were unsure how to get involved. Then, we connected over Facebook. After interviewing with Pioneers, this family was trained and joined a Pioneers team.

Ministry Impact in Africa

An African family had a chronically ill child. They sought help from medical professionals and witch doctors. No one could cure their son. Missionaries from Pioneers-Africa shared the gospel and prayed with them, and the family decided to follow Jesus. By the grace of God, their son was healed. Now they give God the glory for this miracle.

Young West African boy

As more people respond to God’s call to the nations, He equips and provides for them each step of the way.

As more missionaries are recruited, our teams are working to offer them innovative new methods to gain access and serve those God has led them to, often through business and digital outreach efforts—the same digital strategies through which we have seen more than 3,000 people come to faith in the last year.

Map of the Eastern Hemisphere with USA highlighted

Mobilization in North America

Pioneers-USA regularly hosts a candidate orientation called Explore. Currently, one-third of missionary candidates attending do not have a clear sense of direction about their specific destination. But this is a great opportunity, as many are open to going to the most unreached places! And, after participating in the orientation, they are better equipped and encouraged in this art of their journey.

Learn more about what happens at Explore.

“I will remember my Explore week as a time of spiritual vitality where I caught a greater vision of what God is doing around the world.”

– A missionary candidate

We expect to place new missionaries among at least 35 unreached people groups this year.

Map of Africa with North Africa highlighted

Ministry Impact in North Africa and the Middle East

Churches in the Middle East, especially among refugees, are multiplying, and new missionaries and missionary candidates are on the front lines.

  • This year, new missionary candidates with Pioneers-Egypt have planted four churches and seen at least 30 people come to faith in Jesus.
  • Members of Pioneers-Egypt baptized Sudanese refugees who are part of a fourth-generation church plant. Shortly after, people who are part of a third-generation church plant were also baptized.
  • Since these baptisms, our brothers and sisters have led others to Christ who have also been baptized—a very big step for new believers from these backgrounds.

“Our work could not be done without the donations we receive to support our ministry. They allow us to train and care for people who are sharing the gospel daily.”

– Pioneers-Egypt

We are on track to see $2,650,000 raised for this campaign and expect to recruit approximately 320 missionary candidates from North America and the Global South by the end of 2023.

Going Deeper

Stories from the pursuit

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