The Relentless Challenge!

Join us in celebrating 40 years of Pioneers


Forty years ago, Ted and Peggy Fletcher were led by God to start Pioneers in the basement of their home. Since then, Pioneers has grown into a global movement with over 3,000 members serving in 97 countries!

“Thank you for freeing me from the devil...”

A young Iraqi man recently shared, “Thank you for the shed blood of Jesus for me, the undeserving sinner. Thank you for freeing me from the devil and for giving me the right to become your child and heir of your kingdom.”

Though this former Muslim’s profession of faith is only months old, his story of faith began forty years ago, when Ted and Peggy Fletcher took a step of faith and established Pioneers.

Ted and Peggy Fletcher’s prayer card from years ago

As we approach our 40th anniversary as an organization, we invite our partners to join us in committing to The Relentless Challenge. Just as Ted and Peggy committed to relentlessly pursue the Great Commission to the unreached, now is a time to recommit to missions.

Join Us!


Join us in 40 days of prayer and committing $40 per month for four months. God can use our prayers and giving to send missionaries to as many as 30 unreached people groups this year.

The steps to join The Relentless Challenge are outlined below.