2018 's Relentless Pursuit

Pioneers Annual Report

A Global Vision

Jesus left His disciples with a commission: to go make disciples from every people group on earth. While the hope of the gospel has been spreading for thousands of years, billions of people have not been reached. Thousands of groups have little or no gospel witness in their own language and culture. Thank you to the over 60,000 financial supporters and 3,600 churches who have partnered together in this work! We work hand in hand with local churches and side by side with the global body of Christ in relentless pursuit of one mission: reaching the unreached.

Introducing People to Jesus

‘I’m ready. I’m ready to believe. I have been listening to these stories about Jesus for two years now and I am ready to believe today. I don’t want to wait another day!’”
– South Asian woman

Our Contribution

Pioneers-USA contributes to this vision by mobilizing, equipping and caring for US missionaries sent out by their local churches.



The work of the Great Commission was put into the hands of the local church, so we partner with them. We serve in sprawling cities and rural villages, finding creative ways to engage the unreached with the goal of building relationships and making disciples. More than 3,000 missionaries with various skill sets use their giftings and experiences on the mission field every day, watching God transform lives across cultures and people groups everywhere.

Join us by providing support to those who are in the field or by going out to the field yourself. This is a team effort—there are no small parts.

Pioneers have a vision for what is yet to happen, to find things that many consider lost for good.
Will you join us?


Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that Pioneers USA is now 40 years old. We recently enjoyed a fun anniversary celebration, as our board of directors joined the staff for a special luncheon and celebration of God’s faithfulness.

How important it is to pause once in a while to reflect. Memory is the foundation of culture and identity. It is an amazing capacity, distinguishing us in many respects from the rest of creation. In Scripture we find a heavy emphasis on remembering who God is and all that He has done and taught us. We don’t want to fixate entirely on the past, but we do want our history to inform and inspire the present.

What does faith look like for us in this season? As we emphasize spiritual vitality, innovation and leadership excellence, our passion is to discern the Father’s will and pursue it with all of our hearts to trust and obey.

Pioneers-USA President

Pioneers & the Local Church

Each member of Pioneers-USA is commissioned by a sending church committed to helping them thrive wherever God has led them. Pioneers also work alongside local believers in their host communities to make disciples who make disciples … that the global Church may grow and reach the unreached.

Pioneers-USA has a team of nine who serve as a point of personal contact for US churches. Several times a year they invite church mission leaders to Orlando for a free forum for church partners to get an insider’s look at Pioneers.

“An excellent opportunity to learn about the unreached peoples and how to be intentional in your mission outreach.”
— Church mission leader who attended a Pioneers Church Partner Forum


Pioneers values integrity, stewardship and accountability. For this reason, we link arms with other evangelical mission organizations and submit to godly leadership.

Making an Impact

Fostering Innovation

Decades ago, our founder Ted Fletcher insisted, “There are no closed doors, only opportunities for creativity.”

Yet as the global population has grown, more than one in three people in the world still remain unreached, cut off from the gospel by isolation, neglect, hostility and other barriers.

That’s why we’re working on biblical models to encourage fresh thinking and new efforts. In 2018 we started our own innovation lab to teach our staff and other groups empathy-based “design thinking” and facilitate breakthroughs worldwide.

Ministries of Compassion

Did you know India has more unreached people groups than any other country? Since 2004, a ministry launched by a Pioneer has been serving the disabled, impoverished and forgotten through a network of healthcare workers and volunteers who share the love of Jesus in hands-on ways. We’re encouraged by their impact in 2018:

  • Making basic healthcare available to 1.5 million people in 375 villages through 35 full-time staff and 450 community health workers
  • Operating 15 specialist disability centers to support and educate over 1,000 children and adults with disabilities.
  • Supporting 40 widows to begin generating a sustainable income

Digital Disciplemaking

Many cross-cultural workers leverage tools like social media campaigns and evangelistic websites to build relationships and make disciples in places that may be otherwise inaccessible.

We walk alongside seekers in their journey to faith in Jesus and connect them with local believers where possible.

In 2018, Arab World Media reports:

  • 3.6 million people visited our Arabic language website
  • 53,668 downloaded a Bible
  • 2,795 were discipled online
  • 336 Arab seekers professed faith in Jesus

Oral Communication Strategies

People in many cultures rely on the spoken word, rather than the written word, to learn and communicate. Mission teams working in these contexts are learning to recognize and respond to these realities and become increasingly effective in sharing Scripture, communicating the gospel and making disciples.

An estimated 80% of the world population prefers oral communication.


Sending Out Pioneers


Six or seven times a year, Pioneers in Orlando hosts Explore, a five-day gathering for candidates looking to join our ranks. We get to know each other through interviews, assessments, presentations, and lots of Q&A.

Explore participants in 2018:
187 adults, plus children


At any given time, more than 300 appointees are raising support and pursuing the many tasks that fall between saying “Yes!” to God and beginning cross-cultural ministry with Pioneers, often a journey of many months.

Appointed in 2018: 151
Total appointees as of December 31: 374


More than 20 Pioneers field teams focus specifically on receiving new members and helping them get off to a good start in personal growth, language learning and cultural adaptation. More Launch teams are forming. Soon, 30 teams will be helping new workers thrive in every part of the world where we work.


Pioneers don’t just want to start a church. They want to see a vast network of people who discover what God is saying to them through the Scriptures, live it out, and share it with others, making disciples who make disciples. By God’s grace and often working behind the scenes, Pioneers members do whatever it takes to plant churches that plant churches.


Building on a rich heritage for the future

Just 40 years ago, our first missionary went out. Pioneers has seen tremendous growth since then. But we have a big mission. It will require more people—a lot of people. That’s why our faith-filled goals for 2019 include placing new US workers among 30 unreached people groups and continuing to build our capacity toward appointing 250 new missionaries each year.

help us reach this goal.