Relentless Pursuit

Pioneers 2019 Annual Report

Celebrating 40 Years of God’s Faithfulness

Whether through business, education, healthcare, agriculture, the arts and more, our 3,000-plus global members serve and share Jesus with people all over the world, making disciples and planting churches. They see God transform lives and communities wherever they go.

In 2019, Pioneers celebrated 40 years of taking the good news to groups with little or no gospel access. This work would not be possible without the almost 50,000 financial supporters and 3,600 churches who partner in this endeavor. There is no way to convey the account of each life changed, and numbers can only tell part of the story. The following report is a glimpse into what God in His grace has enabled Pioneers to accomplish as we join Him in relentless pursuit of the unreached.

Introducing People to Jesus

"I simply told her God loves her and knows her. She started sobbing. She said she had suspected it might be true, but no one had ever told her that.”
– Pioneer serving in the Middle East

Our Contribution

Pioneers-USA contributes to this vision by mobilizing, equipping and caring for US missionaries sent out by their local churches.



Who are the unreached? What is church planting? Who is a missionary? Why do you need a sending church? Why go with a mission agency?

Our Mission Explainer Series tackles these foundational questions.


Dear Friends,

Fifty years ago, a Saturn V rocket weighing as much as 400 elephants lifted into the sky from Kennedy Space Center, not far from where our Pioneers-USA office is located. Four days later, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped from the Apollo Lunar Module, becoming the first human beings to walk on the surface of the moon. They spent about two hours outside the spacecraft and brought 47 pounds of lunar material back to earth. An incredible chasm had been crossed.

The Apollo mission was an unbelievable achievement, requiring immense resolve and teamwork. Yet it pales in significance compared with the chasm that was bridged by the Son of God when He became the Son of Man: “… who, being in very nature God … made himself nothing … being made in human likeness …” (Philippians 2:6-11).

And the Lord Jesus is in the process of taking hundreds of millions of new family members home with Him —not moon rocks.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” (1 John 3)

As we start a new decade of ministry together, my heart overflows with a profound sense of God’s blessing. We are part of something big, very big! What a privilege. We rejoice in the unity and momentum that we are experiencing in the Pioneers family as we seek and serve Him together.

Yours with anticipation for the season ahead,

Pioneers-USA President

Pioneers & the Local Church

Each member of Pioneers-USA is commissioned by a sending church committed to helping them thrive wherever God has led them. Pioneers also work alongside local believers in their host communities to make disciples who make disciples … that the global Church may grow and reach the unreached.

Pioneers-USA has a team of eleven who serve as a point of personal contact for US churches. Several times a year they invite church mission leaders to Orlando for a free forum for church partners to get an insider’s look at Pioneers.

“[The forum] opened my eyes to the need of the local church to accept her biblical calling in mobilizing, equipping and supporting missionaries… to places where His name isn’t known.”

— church mission leader


Pioneers values integrity, stewardship and accountability. For this reason, we link arms with other evangelical mission organizations and submit to godly leadership.

Making an Impact

Seeking Fruit in New Places

Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Apostle Paul rejoiced that all over the world the gospel was bearing fruit and growing (Colossians 1:6). And it’s still true today!

Yet as the Church has grown and changed, so has the global population. Huge challenges remain. Today, more than one in three people are still unreached. Members of some 7,000 unreached people groups have little or no opportunity to hear the gospel and see it lived out.

Pioneers teams are using creative and innovative strategies to serve in the hardest places and among the least reached, working side by side with believers from many backgrounds to show God’s love to those He is drawing to Himself.

Ministries of Compassion

A Pioneer in India launched a ministry that serves the disabled, impoverished and forgotten through a network of healthcare workers and volunteers who share the love of Jesus in hands-on ways.

This ministry serves in 375 villages impacting a population of 1.5 million in an area where only 0.3% of the population is Christian—and in a country home to more unreached people groups than any other.

“We attempt to identify and train one community health worker per village. Our organization now includes 485 trained health workers who provide basic health care and health education to villagers, and refer people with serious illness to partner hospitals,” they explain.

“Enabled” also operates 15 disability centers and currently supports 300 people with disabilities, both children and adults.

Digital Disciplemaking

Social media campaigns, evangelistic websites and other digital strategies allow us to build relationships in hard-to-access communities everywhere. We walk alongside seekers on their journey to faith in Jesus. And, whenever possible, we connect them with local believers and churches.

In 2019, our Arab World media team reported

  • More than 2.95 million people visited our Arabic language website.
  • 13,228 people downloaded a Bible.
  • 390 Arab seekers professed faith in Jesus.

Our vision is to see mature, multiplying churches among all Muslim peoples of the Arab world.

Disciple Making Training

What would happen if all of us knew how to recognize people seeking spiritual truth? What if we were each equipped to disciple others using only the scriptures, with every disciple taught to pass on what they’re learning? In many places Pioneers serve, this is how church planting begins. Disciples keep starting new groups through which whole communities can be transformed by the power of God’s Spirit.

Pioneers members and local believers worldwide are trained to use these reproducible methods to start church movements that are resilient and rooted in scripture, prayer and relationship.

In 2019, we saw thousands of people begin following Jesus as His disciples, with some small gatherings multiplying to the sixth and seventh generation.

Sending Out Pioneers


Six or seven times a year, Pioneers in Orlando hosts Explore, a five-day gathering for candidates looking to join our ranks. We get to know each other through interviews, assessments, presentations, and lots of Q&A.

Explore participants in 2019:
204 adults, plus children


At any given time, more than 300 appointees are raising support and pursuing the many tasks that fall between saying “Yes!” to God and beginning cross-cultural ministry with Pioneers, often a journey of many months.

Appointed in 2019: 142
Total appointees as of December 31: 368

Building on a rich heritage for the future

It’s been 40 years since our first missionary went out. Pioneers has seen tremendous growth since then. But we have a big mission. It will require more people—a lot of people. In 2020, we expect to recruit another 250 new US missionaries and send out those already in the pipeline to join teams serving among 40 different unreached people groups.

help us reach this goal