Breaking Barriers

You’re thinking about a life overseas. But you don’t think you’re ready to sign up and start the process. You see obstacles that that keep you from getting out the door, finding your fit, or making it in cross-cultural service. Pioneers wants to help. We are here to offer you resources and tools for facing and overcoming those obstacles.

In the Breaking Barriers series, people who have been there, people like you, share their experience navigating the challenges like how to honor your parents, partner with your church, raise support, and deal with issues of the heart. Each article includes links for learning more or going deeper. Click on the banners below to read articles on each topic.

Want to talk? We have a dedicated team of mission mentors whose heart is to listen to your story, help you discern where God is leading you, and pray for you in your next steps. Contact us.


Trusting God in Times of Peril

We Aren’t Promised Ease, Just God’s Presence

Whether you serve close to home or in another country, you may not always be safe. A Pioneer shares how he’s come to appreciate God’s presence in dangerous times and places.


What about Raising Support?

Anxious? You’re Not Alone

Whether you serve close to home or in another country, ministry’s not a good way to become rich and independent. It fact, you may need to depend on others for support.


Can I Be a Missionary If _________?

Questions People Ask

Each year our mission mentors talk, text or exchange email with more than 2,000 people interested in missions. What comes up in those conversations?


When God Says Go…

But Not Yet

A would-be missionary describes what God is doing in her life in the season between committing to missions and moving overseas.


Serving Single

Three Things God Taught Me Overseas

“Millions of questions swirled in my head as I prepared for my move to North Africa. But the two that loomed largest were about singleness.”


More to Lose

Can You Trust God with Your Marriage?

God gives great gifts to His kids. Like marriage. Children. Houses. Cash. When you realize one of these has become an idol, what then?


Partnership with the Local Church

When Your Sending Church Can No Longer Send

“I had spent years building community with the people in my church. Starting over seemed impossible. Would a church send someone they just met?”


How to Follow Jesus

(and Honor Your Father and Mother)

Sensing God calling you to something crazy, but, in the immortal words of Will Smith, parents just don’t understand?