Remembering Don Richardson

On December 23, 2018 we lost a dear friend and leader of the mission community. Join us in celebrating his life and legacy and watch his memorial service.

Dreams and Stolen Gospels

Sick and desperate, she called out to Jesus for healing. And He showed up. Later she found that God had already been speaking to her husband.

Video – Never the Same

Fifty years later, Steve Richardson joins his father, Don, and two brothers, Shannon and Paul, to visit the Sawi village where they grew up. What is the state of the church they planted among the Sawi?

Video Series – Multiply

From the teeming cities of Southeast Asia to the tribal villages of Central Africa to the arid deserts of the Middle East, God is working to draw Muslim people to Himself.

Photo Essay – Sumatra, Indonesia

Known in ancient times as Swarnabhumi, “Land of Gold,” Sumatra has a wealth of history and is rich in tradition. Take a closer look at this island and its people.