Video: Refuge – a Sudanese Refugee Story

The wars had been going on all his life, so Mahdi fled Sudan for Egypt. And he brought with him questions, questions about why people would kill one another in the name of God.

Video: Media + Missions = Treasure

Frank is not your average missionary. He describes himself as a media strategist. He works with teams all over the world to help them find people who are already asking questions about Christianity.

Pioneers Media Outreach: A Digital Update

Followers of Jesus are using media outreach to share the gospel with millions and launch conversations with those who want to know more about Jesus. Read about the impact.

Arab World Media: A Digital Update

Arab World Media engages the people of the Arab world with the gospel through social media and other emerging technologies. Here's an update.

Googling Jesus: Nine Amazing Stories of Digital Media Outreach

See how God, through His Word and the loving witness of His people, reveals Himself to those who seek Him.

When People Search for Jesus

The parable of the sower meets social media: Heidi in the Middle East uses Instagram to connect with people across the region who want to know more about Jesus.

Finding Faith on the Internet

Read what happened when a North African man looking for grace and freedom connected with a local believer who could help. It all started with a search online.

The Arab 22 Campaign – 2022 Report

With your partnership, Arab World Media is bringing the light of Jesus to millions of people in the world’s 22 Arab countries. Read about the impact they are seeing in 2022.

Media Outreach: Weekly Data Dashboard

See how we have reached Arab seekers through digital media in the last seven days. Similar efforts are happening globally!

Video – From a Forest Temple

Tom first learned about Jesus from a tract that made its way to a Hindu temple in the forest. Today, he uses new media to share the gospel with many more.

Video – Digital Media Ministry in Asia

Aisha had little access to the gospel, but she had questions. See how a digital media ministry met here where she was and helped her find a new way.

Media Outreach – 2021 Report

We’re giving God glory for all He has done through Pioneers Media Outreach—and partners like you—in just one year’s time. Read about the impact!

Great with Google or YouTube? Use Your Media Skills for Good

Pioneers is looking for people with a knack for media creation and strategy, plus a passion to engage people with little access to the gospel.

Creativity Loves Constraints: Ministry During a Pandemic

Creativity loves constraints. What if you had unrestricted access to the people God leads you to serve? What if your access was all but cut off?

From Social Media to Social Ministry

Need answers? Seeking truth? Where do you start? Look online. Recent months have only accelerated this global trend.

Video – What Is Media Outreach?

What if a spiritual seeker in an unreached part of the world uses Google, YouTube or even Facebook to find answers to their questions about Christianity? It happens more than you may think.

Digital Media to Launch Movements

Cross-cultural workers and their local partners harness modern media marketing tools to fulfill the New Testament mandate to make disciples.

An Imam and His Bible

Digital media... national believers... international missionaries. Which is most important? Read how they worked together to bless Abdul.