From the Middle East: Ripples of Salvation

Nazan was ready to be baptized, but he had one condition: he wanted to be baptized in the presence of his Muslim friend, Hamd.

Earthquake Relief: An Update

Following a devastating earthquake, believers in the Middle East came together to meet needs and show love to others affected by the earthquake. Here's an update.

Opportunity: Provide Emergency Relief to the People of Sudan

In April, a war suddenly broke out on the streets of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Hundreds of civilians were caught in the crossfire between two generals.

From the Middle East: A Household Now for Christ

Fatima was surprised by and afraid of the changes she saw in her husband, Ibrahim. She started to suspect he had abandoned Islam.

Arab World Media: A Digital Update

Arab World Media engages the people of the Arab world with the gospel through social media and other emerging technologies. Here's an update.

How You Can Be Part of Earthquake Relief

On February 6, 2023, several very large earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria and killed tens of thousands. Here's how we can help.

When People Search for Jesus

The parable of the sower meets social media: Heidi in the Middle East uses Instagram to connect with people across the region who want to know more about Jesus.

The Arab 22 Campaign – 2022 Report

With your partnership, Arab World Media is bringing the light of Jesus to millions of people in the world’s 22 Arab countries. Read about the impact they are seeing in 2022.

From Social Media to Social Ministry

Need answers? Seeking truth? Where do you start? Look online. Recent months have only accelerated this global trend.

An Imam and His Bible

Digital media... national believers... international missionaries. Which is most important? Read how they worked together to bless Abdul.

Opportunity – Launch Teams

Launch teams are a landing place for new Pioneers to focus on language and culture and be mentored by a team of long-term church planters before they launch out to a new location.

Picture Your Life There

Experience in corporate America helped a Pioneer open a small business in the Middle East that provided jobs, bolstered his credibility in the community and yielded spiritual fruit.

Global Glimpses

Through the Global Glimpse, Pioneers worldwide share—in their own words—some of what they’ve seen in life and ministry. Each clip is less than five minutes long.