Seeking God on the Edge of the Sahara

“There is no easy way for people to follow Jesus here.” Pray for more to seek God, and for those already seeking God to not lose heart.

Can I Keep Them Safe?

Missionary life involves many challenges, but the risk seems higher when you bring children with you.

Opportunity – Educating Missionary Kids

One teacher enables her team's families to stay healthy while serving among an unreached people group.

Serving Single

Millions of questions swirled in my head as I prepared for my move to North Africa. But the two that loomed largest were about singleness.

Video Series – Multiply

From the teeming cities of Southeast Asia to the tribal villages of Central Africa to the arid deserts of the Middle East, God is working to draw Muslim people to Himself.

Whatever It Takes

Let us so live as the first believers did. Committed to Christ, each other and seeing the task continued and completed among the unreached—whatever it takes … for as long as it takes.