Pioneers’ Response to Expulsion of
American Nationals in China

ORLANDO, Fla., January 23, 2019 – Pioneers is aware that in recent months American nationals have been detained and questioned in China. This has resulted in a number of nationals leaving China and returning to their passport country.

Pioneers honors the privacy and security of our employees serving in the US and overseas and has a policy of not commenting on the activities of members or identifying their names or locations.

Our members are legal residents of their host countries and engage in healthcare, education, business development, agriculture, humanitarian aid and other activities that benefit their communities. As such, they do not involve themselves in political activities and respect the laws and governments of the countries in which they serve.

Pioneers members share their faith with those who are interested. However, they also recognize that people are free to choose their religious affiliation and should not be coerced or manipulated to convert to any religion against their will.

About Pioneers
With more than 3,000 international members serving on teams in 100 countries, Pioneers is an evangelical missions movement that partners with local churches to make disciples of Jesus among people groups with little to no access to the gospel.

Matt Green