“The mission of the Church is to call out worshipers from among the nations. Every church and every follower of Jesus Christ is called to participate in this global activity.” – Jeff Lewis

Jesus said that His disciples were to be witnesses from Jerusalem to the remotest part of the earth. God is using and will use His Church to reach the world and to disciple, encourage, support, direct and care for generations of Christian workers worldwide.

The church, missionary and mission agency each bring a unique, God-given design, perspective and set of strengths to world evangelization—resources that will only be maximized as we intentionally work together.

Church Partnership Facilitators

The Church Partnerships Team was formed to serve as a point of personal connection to Pioneers. Members of our team would love to hear from you and come alongside you.

Church Partner Forums

Several times a year we invite church mission leaders to Orlando for an insider’s look at Pioneers. Gather with like-minded Christian leaders who share your concerns. Meet our staff. Bring your questions to the table.

March 2019 Church Partner Forum

When: March 5-7, 2019
Where: Orlando, FL
Featuring: Matthew Ellison
Theme: Signature Marks of a Missions Engaged Church

May 2019 Church Partner Forum

When: April 30-May 2, 2019
Where: Orlando, FL
Featuring: Nathan Garth
Theme: Developing a Sending Church Paradigm