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Partnering: Choosing Church & Agency Partners

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Partnering: Choosing Church & Agency Partners

January 13, 2022 1:00 PM
| Speaker:
Ellen Livingood

How should churches and sending agencies partner together to send workers well?

What is the role of a sending agency in the sending equation? Some choose to “go it alone” but this can lead to unnecessary duplication of time and expense. Churches often lack the needed field expertise to assist sent ones in transition or isolation. Being on a team while learning from experienced missionaries is vital. How can a church help their worker choose an agency? Let’s look at the basics of healthy partnership.

Workshop Overview

Session 14 Speaker

Ellen Livingood

Ellen Livingood founded and directs Catalyst Services, a ministry designed to help churches, mission agencies and networks more fully engage believers’ God-given gifts for global outreach. From a base in suburban Philadelphia, Catalyst serves churches and ministries across North America and, increasingly, around the world via resources, coaching and connecting. Her background of ministry on a local-church staff, in university communications/ development and in mission-agency administration nurtured her vision to see the tremendous potential of local churches better engaged to impact the lost world for Christ.

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