Afghanistan Crisis Fund

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In the middle of August 2021, the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The future of the country was uncertain. Many fled.

As refugees left Afghanistan, Pioneers had missionaries waiting to serve them.

We wanted to help. So did you! We initially saw ways to use $40,000. But now more than $240,000 has been given to our Afghanistan Crisis Fund. Here’s how we’re using it.

Serving Refugees

Donations have covered the costs of preparing teams in Europe and the United States to minister to arriving refugees and provide packages of food and other essentials. This continues. It is likely to continue for a long time as refugees are moved to new locations.

Serving Missionaries in Transition

Pioneers has been able to provide excellent security analysis and crisis response assistance for those impacted by these events. We were able to make wise ministry moves well ahead of the news. Missionaries were relocated for their safety and to position them for further ministry. The crisis fund allowed us to help missionary families make these transitions. It will continue to help us deploy missionaries to Afghan refugee populations over the next year.

Launching New Ministries

Your donations have also made the way for a future of fruitful ministry to the people of Afghanistan. In three urban areas of the U.S. and Europe, our teams now have the funds needed to resettle additional refugees, offer English classes, help children start schools in their new home towns, provide trauma care and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. One team on the West Coast of the U.S. has reported bringing welcome baskets to five families a week.

Equipping Tomorrow’s Missionaries

Pioneers has also had the opportunity to partner in training Afghan and Iranian believers as church planters! This means it will not just be American missionaries who will carry ministry to Afghans forward. We pray that God provides many ways for the gospel to enter Afghanistan in years to come. And we anticipate that Iranian and Afghan believers will be key to this effort.

See also our guide to praying biblically for Afghanistan and the Afghan people, Weep With Those Who Weep: How to Pray for Afghanistan.

 “… I was a stranger and you invited me in.” — Matthew 25:35