Afghanistan Crisis Fund

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As the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan, the future of that country is uncertain. Many are seeking to flee, and the young Afghan church is now facing the possibility of severe persecution.

As refugees leave Afghanistan, Pioneers has missionaries waiting to serve them.

For example, in Southen Europe, Pioneers missionaries have been ministering to displaced Afghans for years. There is a growing church led by Afghan believers. Together, American churches, individual donors, and Pioneers missionaries are mobilizing to show God’s love to those who are fleeing so God’s love would one day be known throughout all of Afghanistan.

Right now, we estimate that Pioneers could use at least $40,000 for an Afghanistan Crisis Fund. This fund will help us undertake a range of activities, from re-locating workers to places where they can serve Afghans best, to providing aid packages to Afghan families as they arrive in refugee camps. Just $11 can supply a family with an aid package including food for a week!

Please join us in giving and praying for the Afghan people.

See also a guide to praying biblically for Afghanistan and the Afghan people, Weep With Those Who Weep: How to Pray for Afghanistan.

 “… I was a stranger and you invited me in.” —Matthew 25:35