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Caring for Pioneers-Africa’s missionary kids

“If you can imagine adding Jesus to the natural joy that an African already exhibits, there is no limit to what can happen.” – Eugene Yakohene, Director of Pioneers-Africa

Pioneers-Africa is a vital part of the international Pioneers movement, standing tall among Pioneers’ 18 bases with the second-largest workforce.

In the past five years, the number of Pioneers’ African missionaries has grown from 180 to nearly 400!

We have a unique opportunity to bless our African brothers and sisters. Like other Pioneers missionaries, those supported by Pioneers-Africa raise their own salaries. They face difficulties in raising their own support because of relatively limited resources. Because of this unique context, Pioneers-Africa helps subsidize their salaries so that families can make ends meet.

But the truth is, even with help from Pioneers-Africa, most of our African missionary families survive on roughly $3 per day.

An important way that we can care for these families is to help pay for the school tuition of their children. There are over 180 children in the Pioneers-Africa movement, and the average annual cost of education tuition is $235.

Will you give to help support African missionary children and their families?