Arab 22 Campaign

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“…I could no longer live with the idea of denying the existence of God…I want to know more about Him.”

– Mafaza, a Christian sister in North Africa

Arabs Seeking Hope

Many new believers in the Arab world began their journey wrestling with their beliefs and seeking truth about God. And thankfully, digital platforms have created opportunities to reach those who are spiritually open. Engaging seekers through Facebook, websites and other digital strategies is the first step in the outreach efforts of Arab World Media. Then, through messaging and discipleship, we build relationships and connect them to local believers in their own cultural context.

Mafaza is now a believer! She chose to follow Jesus and is bold about her faith. She openly shares with her family and friends.

Since 1959, Arab World Media has drastically grown into a global and multinational team, using media to reach Muslims in all 22 Arab nations. The generosity of many donors had led to much fruit. And, through them, thousands of people have come to know Jesus personally!

Our Arab 22 campaign aims to continue sharing hope with millions of people in the Arab world. Will you partner with us as we bring the light of Jesus Christ into the lives of many Muslims?

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world…”  – Matthew 24:14