Church-Planting Movement (CPM) Training

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Equipping national believers to initiate church-planting movements.

Pioneers believes that a highly effective method to catalyze movements toward Jesus Christ among the unreached is by equipping missionaries and national partners with church-planting movement (CPM) principles.

CPM training emphasizes the importance of the scriptures and the ability of God’s Word to transform lives.

We start by teaching how to identify a non-believer who is seeking spiritual truth. From there, this person is discipled to a point of decision through a Bible study, in which they learn to go to the scripture for the answers they seek. After a decision of faith, the new believer is immediately taught to share what they have learned with others who can continue the cycle. With this reproducible method of sharing the gospel and planting house-churches, whole communities can be transformed by the power of the Spirit.

Since 2009, Pioneers has helped provide CPM training to more than 5,500 missionaries and local believers!

Will you help us provide effective church-planting training to even more believers around the world? Together, we can help build a workforce of gospel emissaries that will spread the gospel message to the ends of the earth.