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Coronavirus: Crisis and Opportunity

Pioneers and its missionaries are responding to the challenges and opportunities that the COVID-19 coronavirus is presenting to the world. During this time, the gospel is needed more than ever. Missionaries around the world are responding with locally organized health efforts. Others are responding to increasing numbers of people online seeking to know more about God.

At the same time, the economic turmoil has led to some decrease in giving toward the salaries of missionaries. Pioneers also has additional costs as it cares for our staff around the globe. Your gift to the Pioneers Coronavirus Response Fund will help fund projects on the front lines, provide for the health of Pioneers members and help missionaries support their families while offering God’s hope to the unreached.

Missionaries shine in times like these. Let’s help them serve our global neighbors!

Stories from the Field

Emergency Supplies: A Pioneers family in a densely populated Asian city is preparing emergency packets to drop off at the doorsteps of all the homes in their impoverished community. Each packet has some literature on how to handle the crisis, soap, face masks for the family, and a flier explaining the love of God. And it’s not just a handout; they’re hiring a lot of people who are jobless to produce the face masks. “We have already donated 500 masks and 200 bars of soap to the public hospital, along with the personal letter,” they say.

Hand-washing Stations: Another family had the idea of setting up hand-washing stations in front of bus stops in their city. Hundreds of people started using these. The local mosque said, “We’ve got hundreds of people coming in and out. Can you set one up here?” They ended up having the opportunity to go in the mosque, meet with the leaders, and pray in the name of Jesus for their Muslim friends.

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Will you give to the Coronavirus Response Fund and help Pioneers missionaries responding to the crisis?