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India—steeped in Hindu tradition; home to more unreached people groups than any other nation

The spread of the gospel faces huge challenges in North India’s Himalayan region. Only three in every 10,000 people (.03%) identify as Christian. The disabled, widowed and impoverished face rejection and have few options for care in this cultural context. Enabled Healthcare is a holistic, faith-based ministry to the marginalized to meet the practical needs of these overlooked and forgotten people. This opens the doors for sharing the gospel, establishing churches and and empowering believers to live out their faith.

Pioneers is excited to play a part in building God’s kingdom among the most vulnerable and neglected people of Northern India.

Enabled Healthcare, launched in 2004, is a network of healthcare workers and volunteers who share the love of Jesus through their tangible service. They have four platforms:

  • Community Health: Thirty-five full-time staff and 485 community health workers provide basic health care and health education to villagers. They also refer people with serious illness to partner hospitals.
  • Disability Support: Fifteen disability centers provide support for more than 300 people with disabilities.  These centers offer  children and adults health education, socialization, needs assessment, therapy and more.
  • Education: Three Christ-centered English-medium schools give children from underprivileged areas a pathway out of poverty.
  • Widow Support: Enabled serves widowed women in dozens of villages across North India. Micro-finance loans help them reclaim their dignity, gain independence and support one another.

Several dozen health-focused Christian programs in Northern India participate in the Enabled network. The organizations vary from local NGOs with only one staff member to large international agencies like World Vision. They share resources, training and IT support. This fosters collaboration and increases the efficiency of each organization. Working together, the ministry serves in 375 villages and impacts a population of 1.5 million people.

Will you join us in establishing churches through care and support of the sick, disabled, neglected and widowed?

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