Going Deeper

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“…I have decided to commit my life to Jesus. After praying, I felt that I was born again and filled with a great sense of joy and peace. I have never experienced this before in my entire life.” – Muad, a former ISIS member who came to faith

Digital media is a powerful tool. It can reach people like Muad who live in the deepest and most dangerous parts of the Arab world. In 2019 alone, more than 4 million people visited the website of Arab World Media. Arab World Media’s campaign for 2020, Going Deeper, offers the opportunity for more people like Muad to hear the gospel, engage in online discipleship and to connect with other believers in the underground church.

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Jesus calls us, His disciples, to fish for people. Together, we can fish in the deepest parts of the Arab world by letting down our nets for a catch (Luke 5:4).