InTent Leadership Development

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Guiding national and international leaders toward more effective ministry.

Imagine an Australian couple leading

  • A 28-year old single female from New York City with a Master’s of Divinity degree
  • A mid-30’s Sudanese couple with 10 years of experience in sports ministry and no post-secondary education
  • Ttwo “second career” British professionals from Liverpool in their late 40’s with no formal theological training.

The team serves the Somali refugee population in Nairobi, Kenya.

This is typical of Pioneers field teams today: diverse cultures, backgrounds and life stages. How will they, as a team, be effective in ministering to an unreached people group? How should context inform their ministry? Who will decide, and how will decisions be carried out?

Since 2007, Pioneers has employed Leadership Development training to over 800 workers and nationals in Pioneers leadership all around the world. This intentional discipleship and training program (which focuses on the key areas of foundational knowledge, spiritual life, interpersonal relationships and ministry skills) has drastically improved team relations and bolstered ministries among the unreached.

In 2017-2018, we plan to offer at least four InTent Leadership Development training events. Likewise, we will subsidize the cost for local believers who could otherwise not attend the training events.