Papua New Guinea Earthquake Relief

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Provide aid to Papuans affected by the recent earthquake.

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake recently struck the island nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG), triggering massive landslides and destruction. Because infrastructure and communication networks sustained heavy damage, details of the earthquake’s overall impact are yet to be fully realized.

A regional governor in PNG, William Powi, remarked about the impact: “We are looking at massive, catastrophic havoc and destruction.”

He pleads, “We need massive assistance… we need food, infrastructure maintenance, and to bring comfort to our people who are now homeless and displaced.”

News outlets are reporting heavy losses to agriculture, oil, mining and other economic engines, which further puts PNG in a dire situation.

Pioneers has current ministry ties to the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea (ECPNG) in the town of Tari, near the earthquake’s epicenter. The ECPNG church grew out of the missionary efforts of our Pioneers-Australia base. Both Pioneers-USA and Pioneers-Australia have ongoing ministry initiatives with the ECPNG.

The ECPNG has 30 buildings that were destroyed or damaged as a result of the earthquake. These included the main office headquarters of the church, guest-housing, printshop buildings and many dwellings for church leadership staff and pastoral staff. We will be working in partnership with Pioneers-Australia to find ways to offer aid and help rebuild.

If you would like to provide aid to rebuild these vital structures for the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea, please consider making a gift.