Pioneers Media Outreach

“I want to know if Jesus really does save people from their sins.”

– A Christian brother in Indonesia

Media Outreach Breaks Down Barriers

People in many parts of the world face serious consequences when they start exploring Christianity. Today, however, smartphones in the pockets of the young and old throughout the world make all the difference. Now, people like our new Christian brother from Indonesia can connect with believers in more confidential ways through media outreach.

“…This gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world…”  Matthew 24:14

Digital media provides an opening for the gospel like never before. Let’s seize this opportunity to break down barriers keeping the unreached from hearing about Jesus!

Will you help us expand Pioneers Media Outreach globally?

Every $6 we spend on Facebook outreach right now leads someone to download and read the Bible for the first time! And $30 can cover the cost of outreach to 179,500 potential contacts on social media. Through your generosity, we will be well on our way to equip a quarter of our 340 missionary teams with digital strategies by 2025!

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