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“I found your website [and] filled out a contact form. I left you my number.
I need someone to show me the right way… I hope you are that person.” – Marya


As the pandemic moved people to spend time online, God used this open door, enabling Pioneers to reach lost people like Marya in the virtual world. Marya had limited contact with the outside world. But she had access to the internet. Through the power of media outreach, Marya was able to connect with a Pioneers missionary and hear the truth of the gospel.

Over the last decade, Pioneers missionaries in the Arab world have been sharpening their skills to use websites and social media for outreach. Today, Pioneers is expanding the use of these successful digital media outreach strategies around the globe. Our goal? To see a quarter of  our teams  leverage digital media strategies that connect them with people like Marya by 2025.

Every $6 invested in Facebook outreach can lead someone to download and read the Bible for the first time, while $30 can cover the cost of outreach to more than 175,000 contacts on social media.

Watch a short video about how media outreach works.

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A donor has offered to match the first $50,000 given to this campaign between now and December 31st. So, if you can give now, your donation will go twice as far and engage twice as many people with the gospel.

Fundraising Goal: $2,000,000

Here’s what we saw through this kind of work in a recent 12-month period (June 2019 through June 2020).

  • Millions of people across the globe engaged with us through Facebook and outreach websites.
  • In the Arab world, 156,000 people engaged with us on Facebook. More than 14,000 Bibles were downloaded. On average, one new person made the decision to follow Christ each day in the Arab world!
  • Because Arab World Media has been successful in reaching the lost through digital outreach, we are taking these practices and extending them throughout the Hindu and Buddhist worlds.
  • Right now, Pioneers is coaching 73 missionary teams around the world to start new online outreach projects.

Want to restrict your gift to just media outreach in the Arab world? Give to Pioneers Arab World Media.