Pioneers Media Outreach

“My country is closed to the gospel, but God has opened a door for me to use media to share His message of salvation.” – A Christian brother from South Asia

Media Outreach Breaks Down Barriers

People in many parts of the world face serious consequences when they start exploring Christianity. How can they get answers to their questions without taking serious risks? Smartphones in the pockets of the young and old throughout the world today are making all the difference. The pandemic only accelerated the increase in internet usage in countries around the world. In response, our teams and their partners are embracing agile and innovative digital strategies. This allows them to connect with people they might never meet on the street and respond to their questions in confidential ways.

“…This gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world…”
– Matthew 24:14

Digital media provides an opening for the gospel like never before. Let’s seize this opportunity to break down barriers keeping unreached people from hearing about Jesus!

Will you help us expand Pioneers Media Outreach globally?

Currently, every $30 we spend on media results in a spiritual conversation with our staff and partners for six people who are spiritually seeking. $180 moves 18 seekers to download and read the Bible. And $580 leads to four people studying the Bible with us.

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