Pioneers Media Outreach

“There was little grace, only a wide chasm between me and the expectations of Islam.” – Karim in North Africa

Karim’s search for God began in a Moroccan prison. Islamic spiritual leaders visited him time and time again and tried to explain his suffering. But to Karim, their words were meaningless. When he was released, he searched the internet to learn about God and found a Pioneers Media Outreach website in his language. After filling out a simple contact form, he was put in contact with a local believer, Elias, who responded to him that same day.

The two men explored scripture online for four months before meeting in person. “I was nervous and excited,” said Karim. “To meet in person was a big step. It was the beginning of a relationship founded in God’s love.” A few months later, Karim put his faith in Christ.

Amazing Opportunities

Some Pioneers missionaries have been using digital strategies for years. Now they are coaching other missionary teams and their partners to do the same. Using these approaches, missionaries are finding they can meet with twice as many spiritually open people as in the past, and sometimes ten times as many. Isn’t that amazing?

Media Impact

  • On average, for every $30 Pioneers spends on media outreach, six people begin conversations with our missionaries and their partners.
  • For every $180, 18 seekers download the Bible.
  • And for each $580 gift, four people begin studying the Bible with us.

Will you help us give more people like Karim the chance to hear the gospel?

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