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Equipping church planters in North Africa and the Middle East for the unreached!

For years, North Africa and the Middle East have been unstable. Egypt is on the brink of social collapse. Tension is thick between Sudan and South Sudan. Hostility toward Christianity is growing, making it more difficult for Western missionaries to serve in the region.

In some sense, the unrest exposes a deep-rooted issue in the Arab world. When people rely on a false god, a national leader or even a stable society, they will not experience true hope. Many are wondering if change is really possible.

The mission of the Tyrannus Missionary Training School is to equip and train Egyptian and Sudanese national evangelists and church planters to proclaim the gospel to unreached peoples throughout North Africa and the Middle East. This gospel message is the only real answer to the many questions that Muslims throughout the region are asking.

While the ultimate goal is to see graduates establish a vocation that will sufficiently support their families and church-planting ministries, the students need financial sponsorship as they begin the intensive training program. The average cost for one student is $6,000 for the 18-month program.