Victims of War Project

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Offering love and relief to Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

The refugee crisis in the Middle East is now more than seven years old. Over half of the Syrian population has been displaced from their homes, with millions fleeing to surrounding countries and to Europe.

Pioneers refugee ministry leaders hear stories of trauma and loss on a daily basis. But we have seen God move in spite of terrible tragedy. His mercy and love are what can heal the broken and return hope to the hopeless.

Since 2013, Pioneers has served over 30,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Our missionaries have provided material aid, dental care, trauma counseling, children’s programs, education, healthcare and more.

In addition to continuing support of Pioneers’ existing refugee ministries in 2018, leaders are proactively planning how to best meet the ever-changing needs of refugees in the Middle East, Europe and beyond. Our prayer is that God will use for good what man intended for evil (Genesis 50:20).

Will you give hope to Syrian and Iraqi victims of war?