2021 Way Maker Campaign

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Using digital media to transform the Arab world with the gospel

“Your words made me feel secure and at peace. Your explanation about the love of Christ makes me love Him more.”

— Saeed, man in his thirties learning about Jesus for the first time


We are amazed how much God has used digital outreach to make a way for people like Saeed to hear the gospel for the first time. As the coronavirus spread across the globe, many people spent more time on their phones and online. As a result, in the last year, we saw an  35% increase in seekers asking to be contacted by our Arab World Media team, and the number of seekers actively engaging with the team doubled!

Saeed connected with us through a digital outreach campaign, received a copy of the gospel and declared Jesus as his savior. In 2020, Arab World Media ads and campaigns gave that kind of opportunity to more 7 million people. Through the 2021 Way Maker Campaign, you can offer the gospel to more people like Saeed. Your donations can help new believers grow in their faith through online discipleship and then connect with other believers in their local area.

Would you give others this opportunity by donating right now?

Whether it is the wilderness, river or desert, God always makes a way for His people (Isaiah 43:19). Together, we can continue to make a way for lost people in the Arab world.

Fundraising Goal: $500,000

Way Maker Campaign Focus:

  • Creating digital strategies to make a way for more people who are genuinely seeking God.
  • Equipping new believers to help them grow in their faith.
  • Connecting new believers with Christian communities in order to expand the Church in the Arab world.

You can also download and read a full proposal for the 2021 Way Maker Campaign here.