One gesture of kindness to share the gospel can transform families and whole communities.

Polio left Anika unable to walk. This little Indian girl could only sit and watch as her family toiled in their fields to make a living. Traditional taboos associated with Hindu karma also meant many people avoided her. But there was a local pastor who was different. As a partner with Pioneers in ministry to the disabled, the pastor felt led to ask Anika’s family if he could take her to church.

“She can go to the church,” they said. “She stays home all day with nothing to do.”

Every Sunday, this pastor would pick Anika up, put her on his back, and carry her two kilometers to church. There Anika met Jesus. She found peace and joy. Her parents could not help but notice the change in their daughter’s heart, and they started attending church as well.

Within a year, Anika and her whole family came to know Jesus!


Anika’s story started with a Pioneers missionary who felt called to India. This missionary, who has a daughter with disabilities, has been humbly used by God to empower the Indian Church to confront—in grace and love—a culture that ostracizes the disabled. Today, the result is a network of believers ministering in 375 villages in Northern India.

One person can make a difference. One gesture of kindness to share the gospel can transform families and whole communities. Imagine if we could send 120 individuals to over 30 unreached people groups.

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In 1979, we had a pretty simple dream: for everyone to know Jesus. We felt called to ask for the nations. Our first missionary went to the field that year, and now 40 years later, we've sent over 3,200 men and women to the corners of the globe to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.
But this work isn't done yet.

Join us in the next 40 years of our pursuit of the unreached.

This is where you come in.

Join us now in the Pursuit of the Nations—a hope-filled campaign to continue the vibrant legacy of missions in 2019 and beyond.


Right now, we are ready to answer the call by sending 120 missionaries to 30 unreached people groups. They're trained. They're eager. They just need to finish raising support to go out to the mission fields.

Help the unreached find hope by giving today so that these missionaries can do what they do best: tell people about Jesus.