Reach the outcasts of India!

Shunned from villages and their Hindu faith, lost from the reach and hope of the gospel - India's widows and outcasts are longing for hope and acceptance.

One person can make a difference. One gesture of kindness to share the gospel can transform families and whole communities. Imagine if we could send 120 more individuals to 30 unreached people groups like the outcasts of India.

Rani had no desire to live…

But God had a new story for her!

Rani lives in a bustling city in India. She has HIV. Rejected by her family, stigmatized by her community, and widowed by her husband, she was left completely hopeless.

She found herself alone in a field outside her village, attempting suicide. But something kept her from carrying out her darkest thoughts.

Rani remembered hearing of a ministry that helped Hindu women like her, and sought them out. The grace, love and respect that Pioneers missionaries shared with her changed her life. She learned their love and acceptance was from Jesus, leading her to believe in Him. She says, “I didn’t know who God was, but He knew who I was.”

When asked about the new life she found, including employment in a Pioneers business start-up, she adds, “Being here with the other women who love me and treat me like family, I am even able to forget that I have HIV.”

Around the world, Pioneers and our missionaries are seeing similar stories of faith in hard and difficult places. By giving to the Strategic Priorities Fund today, you can give the gospel to more people like Rani.

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