Pray For Missions

Let prayer take you where your feet can’t go.

Prayer allows every believer to participate in taking the gospel to the unreached. Every day, the Couriers come alongside our missionaries, carrying their needs to the Father through prayer.

“Prayer is always to be the first priority, the highest purpose, the moving force, the vital energizer of this Mission.”

Ted Fletcher, Pioneers Founder

Join the effort

What does it mean to be a courier?

Couriers commit to join the effort of taking the gospel to the unreached through praying for the needs of Pioneers missionaries and partners around the world.


Welcome Gift

Sign up to join the Couriers today, and we’ll send you a free sticker pack and bookmark with a QR code that takes you directly to the weekly Prayer Focus.


Daily Prayer Notes

Every Monday you’ll receive an email including seven prayer points from Pioneers missionaries and ministries—one note for each day of the week.


Weekly Prayer Focus

You’ll also receive a weekly request related to a strategic prayer opportunity. It could be a specific people group in need of the gospel, a global crisis or an opportunity from one of our local partners around the world.

Do my prayers really make a difference?

Prayer has always been an integral part of taking the gospel to the unreached. In fact, every missions movement in history has begun as a prayer movement.

The mystery and power of prayer is that it allows everyone to be involved in the work of advancing His kingdom among the unreached—whether or not they are called to physically take His gospel to the unreached.

Pioneers missionaries are upheld by the prayers of their supporters, and most of them would testify that these prayers are even more important to their survival and effectiveness than the financial support they receive.

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