More to Lose

God gives great gifts to His kids. Like marriage. Children. Houses. Cash. When you realize one of these has become an idol keeping you from pursuing your mission vision, what then?

Can I Be A Missionary If _________?

Each year our mission mentors talk, text or exchange email with more than 2,000 people interested in missions. Recently we picked their brains about those conversations.

Putting Feelings into Words

Is there a missionary or a missionary kid in your life? Here are a few questions you can ask that may help them put their feelings into words.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

While most of us don’t like to share our most-embarrassing moments, those who are willing to give others a laugh at their own expense may reap surprising benefits.

When God Says Go… But Not Yet

You’re thinking about a life overseas. Maybe you feel ready to sign up and get started. But God Himself seems to slow you down. Then what?

Serving Single

Millions of questions swirled in my head as I prepared for my move to North Africa. But the two that loomed largest were about singleness.

Photo Essay – Bolivia

Pioneers Greg and Alex have put more than 50,000 audio gospels into the hands of Quechua people. These are photos of the people they met on a recent trip into the mountains.

Partnership with the Local Church

I had spent years building community with the people in my church. Starting over seemed impossible. Would a church send someone overseas whom they only met a year or two ago?

Take Your Profession to the Unreached

Ever felt God tugging at your heart to GO and reach the nations? Perhaps one of the things you thought about was, “What about my career?”

Photo Essay – Rohingya

The Rohingya, a Muslim people group, have fled their Buddhist-majority Myanmar because of persecution. Pioneers are responding to this refugee crisis with practical help and hope.

How to Follow Jesus (and Honor your Father and Mother)

Sensing God calling you to something crazy, but, in the immortal words of Will Smith, parents just don’t understand?

Before You Go

Your support is raised. Your bags are packed. You’re heading out for your first term as a newly minted missionary. What are you forgetting?

A Ministry of Presence

Julie has noticed that in the context where she serves, just being present in the daily lives of her African friends, and especially at key events, speaks volumes.

The Cost of Conversion

In this West African culture where keeping the peace is everything, those who abandon their family religion may be shunned for years on end.

Photo Essay – Joy Springs

In the midst of the lack, the African has found joy and exuberance, says Eugene Yakohene, director of Pioneers-Africa. This joy springs from the inside.

Encountering the World of Islam

A Muslim came through her short-term team's clinic, the first Muslim Rachel had ever met. Rachel prayed for him but realized she had no idea how her words might sound to him.

Befriending the Bewildered

Refugees who come to America have lost their families, networks, and way of life. A Pioneer shares ways to come alongside them with friendship and practical help.

Around the Campfire

A Pioneer who works with internationals in the US has a passion for backpacking, climbing, and rafting. The guys he works with love to join his adventures.

Dreams and Stolen Gospels

Sick and desperate, she called out to Jesus for healing. And He showed up. Later she found that God had already been speaking to her husband.

A Time to Shout

Sometimes we get to witness the power of God firsthand. Sometimes we only hear whisperings of it. And sometimes a teashop owner shouts it on the gospel-hungry streets of Asia.

Photo Essay – European Refugee Crisis

Pioneers on the ground in Europe are doing their best to help meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs while refugees are in transit.

Five Struggles & Joys of Missionary Life

We asked Pioneers working among unreached people groups about the struggles and joys that come with the territory.

A Refugee’s Miracle

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Iraqis and other refugees arrived en masse at Hungarian borders, bus depots and train stations.

Dreams and Visions

Dave, a 35-year-old Pioneer, found himself fighting for his life on a stiff hospital bed, his wife and children at his side, wondering how and why God would allow him to arrive at such a difficult place.

Opportunity – Seven Mission Jobs You Haven’t Heard of

There’s a widely accepted myth in the world of mission that needs to be busted. It is this… all missionaries are preachers. Actually, many do very different jobs.

Photo Essay – Is Europe Unreached?

Why should an organization like Pioneers send missionaries to a continent where 70.8% of the population are reportedly professing Christians?

Would You Eat These 10 Foods for the Gospel?

We asked Pioneers around the world, apart from the many delicious and exotic food experiences, what were the strangest textures, fragrances and tastes they have encountered.

Picture Your Life There

Experience in corporate America helped a Pioneer open a small business in the Middle East that provided jobs, bolstered his credibility in the community and yielded spiritual fruit.

Photo Essay – Tarahumara

A Pioneers team composed of Mexican nationals, Germans and Americans serves the Tarahumara with healthcare and literacy with the goal of seeing an indigenous church emerge.

Lord, Help the Clueless

When the culture is very different from your own, you can’t help but be clueless. Even when you visit your home culture again, you find yourself clueless.