Interested in serving with Pioneers for up to a year through our Venture program? Great! We know that’s a big deal and there’s lots to talk about. But here are some of the questions people ask the most.

Length of a Venture Trip

Can I go on a shorter trip, maybe several weeks long, through Venture? What’s the typical timeframe for a Venture trip?

Can I do a survey trip through Venture?

Venture Placements

I don’t know what I want to do on the field but I’m available for a specific amount of time. Do you have opportunities for someone like me?

How is placement determined?

Can I contact someone on the field directly?

The Process

What is the process of joining the Venture program?

How quickly can I get through the process to go to the field?

Venture Requirements

What requirements does Pioneers have? Do I have to have Bible classes?

Is it possible to go on Venture without a college degree?

Do I need a sending church to go on a short-term trip?

Can someone who is married go on a venture trip without their spouse?

Venture Finances

How much does Venture cost?

Are there any paid positions?