In-depth training in ministry to Muslims

Ameeq provides a solid foundation for understanding a Muslim’s worldview, theology and culture from within their frame of reference.


The purpose of Ameeq is to train Christians in developing a biblical understanding and response to Islam and provide a solid foundation for life-long witness and disciple-making with Muslims.

Learn how to effectively minister to Muslims.

Is God calling you to serve in the Muslim world or among Muslims close to home? Go prepared! Ameeq provides a solid foundation for understanding a Muslim’s worldview, theology and culture from within their own frame of reference. With that foundation, you’ll be better prepared to communicate the gospel in ways that make sense to them.

Ameeq began as “The Summer Institute on Islam” in 1983 in Philadelphia as a course for training people who wanted to reach out to Muslims. Over the years, it has become one of the primary training courses in Islamics and ministry to Muslims for cross-cultural workers sent by numerous mission agencies and churches. Our new name, Ameeq, is an Arabic word meaning “deep.” Taking this class will help you deepen your understanding of ministry to Muslims and go deep in relationships wherever you may serve in years to come.

Instructors for this program include believers from Muslim backgrounds and practitioners with many years of experience serving overseas as church planters.

Upcoming classes

Spring 2024

When: April 14–20, 2024

Where: Orlando, Florida

Cost:  $1,100 per person or $1,550 per couple

* Cost includes tuition, lodging, breakfast, lunch and snacks; travel to Orlando is not included.

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What people are saying about Ameeq

“This was a spectacular class that I truly think has changed my life. Not only in ministry but in how I read the Bible and how I have been looking for on-ramps with non-believers here in the States.”
“The event exceeded every expectation I had. I was blown away at how valuable this was for me. I appreciate the balance of theory and practical, real-world experiences. The love for these people was palpable and infectious.” 

Topics covered include

  • Islamic understanding of God
  • Islamic understanding of man and sin
  • Approaches in ministry to Muslims
  • Islamic understanding of prophets and revelation
  • Muslim ideology and jihad
  • Ministry to Muslim women and families
  • Islam and redemption
  • Spiritual power in ministry to Muslims
  • Views of Islam and Muslims as people
  • Understanding the Muslim mind
  • Barriers to the gospel
  • How Muslims come to Christ
  • Answering a Muslim’s theological objections: crucifixion and atonement, corruption and abrogation, the Son of God and the trinity
  • A response to the standard Islamic narrative

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